21 September 2012

iPod Touch 5 Now Available For Free!

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As you may know, Apple recently announced their new iPhone 5 to the world of tech in their WWDC event. Although the iPhone was in the spotlight, Apple also announced a new iPod Touch! Here are the newest features

A5 Processor!
The iPod Touch 5G will include the same processing power as the iPhone 4S, with the addition of the A5 processor.

You can't be Siri-ous!
Siri will be added to the iPod Touch 5G and the iPad 3 with more improvements, just to add to the fun!

Bigger Screen!
The screen will be taller, resulting in a 4 inch display meaning you can now watch YouTube videos and even the latest movies in 16:9 aspect ratio, eliminating the black borders around the outside of the video!

Improved camera for improved photos!
The back facing camera will be upgraded to a fantastic 5 megapixels! Next to the back facing camera, there is an LED flash that you can use to take better pictures in the dark! The iSight camera boasts of 1080p HD video recording, and even the front facing camera gets a boost for better quality FaceTime calls.
Yet another feature added to the camera is the new panorama setting. You can now take a huge 28mb panorama to capture that beautiful sunset, or those astounding blossoming trees!

iOS 6!
iOS 6 is now out , meaning the iTouch will be packed with all the new features in iOS 6, like Facebook integration, or the new AppStore layout!

'What are EarPods?' I hear you say. For all models, the new Apple earphones known as EarPods will come in the same box as your shiny new iPod! These account for a more comfortable fit, and better audio quality!

A smaller charging port
Whether this is a good or bad feature is still yet to be known. The older charging port has been decreased in size. This has allowed the iPod to become even thinner than before, and even lighter!

All of these great new features just add to the reason to buy what might be the greatest gadget of 2012.
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Three easy steps:
1) Sign up,
2) Complete just one offer,
3) Spread the word!

After you have completed these 3 steps, you will get your free iPod Touch 5 mailed to you through the post, and you will not even have to pay for delivery!

11 September 2012

How to get a free iPhone 5

Many people think that the cost of smartphones nowadays mean when they see an advert telling them "How to get a free iPhone 5" they dismiss it almost immediately and pass it off as a scam.

You are still here reading this so you are obviously interested to see if this is a real deal, well, simply put, yes it is. You really can get an iPhone 5 free of charge delivered to your front door - without any postage costs!

There are networks that gather together a number of trial offers and get paid when someone completed these offers - the money is then handed back to the end-user (you) either as cash or as a free gift. These networks are referred to as incentive networks and use referral marketing to get more users involved.

So how exactly does this work?
You sign up to one of these networks through an existing referral link or directly at their homepage and get presented with a number of trial offers that are available to you. You will select an offer that interests you and sign up to the company involved with the possibility of going on to be a full time paying customer if you are happy with that service (but remember it is just a trial initially). Once you have completed your offer, listen out to your friends to see if they are also wondering how to get a free iPhone 5 - tell them what you are doing and get them to sign up through your unique referral link. For each person you get to sign up through your link and complete an offer, you earn approx £20 towards your free iPhone (or £17 cash value for PayPal/bank transfers).

Promote your referral link through a website, on facebook, business cards etc - the more people you get signing up and completing offers, they quicker you get your free gift.

Two of the best incentive networks to look out for are FreebieJeebies, and Kudos

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So next time you here of someone wondering how to get a free iPhone 5, you'll be there to tell them how to!

Written by Martin Evans. Visit his website and find out how you can get free rewards!

14 July 2012

Amazing New Offer - Go Green Now!

Have you ever tried your luck in the lottery? Well now with the massive addition of the Big Fat Lottos (also known as Euromillions) offer to FreebieJeebies, you can get one step closer to your free gift, and also enter for a chance to win a truck load (probably more) of money!

To ensure approval on this offer, all you need to do is sign up to Big Fat Lottos through FreebieJeebies, and purchase at least one lotto ticket. If you followed the steps correctly in the offer description (on site), your offer should be approved within 48 hours! To make this offer even better, all you need to do is spend one pound! That means you can get your free gadget worth £100 (or more) for just £1!

You only need to complete one offer on FreebieJeebies, and then you can get unlimited gifts without having to complete another offer!

After your offer is approved, all you need to do is get some of your friends to sign up and complete an offer (this offer if they want!), and you can start unboxing your shiny new gadgets!

So go ahead, make sure you read the offer description on FreebieJeebies to ensure your offer is approved, and that your freebie hunt has started!

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29 June 2012

£50 iTunes Card Giveaway + Future Giveaways!

Hey everyone!

I haven't posted on this blog for a long time now, so I decided I would post again. In this post, I will be explaining details of a giveaway that I am planning to do. If this giveaway of a £50 iTunes voucher is successful, I will give away more expensive gadgets, like an iPod touch, an iPad and maybe even a MacBook!

So let's get stuck in! This is how I will do the giveaway.

Step 1) I announce the beginning of the giveaway, and you guys enter. To enter, all you need to do is sign up to FreebieJeebies and complete an offer.

Step 2) After you have entered using the instructions in step 1, email me at nicknack98@hotmail.co.uk with the email you signed up to FreebieJeebies with. In that email, say that you have entered for a place in the £50 iTunes voucher giveaway.

Step 3) I will then update this blog post with the people that have entered successfully. I will need your first name and initial of your second name so I can enter you. For example, say your name was Brian Parkins, in the email you send me, you will say sent by Brian P, or whatever your name is.

Step 4) Once I have 6 people entered into this giveaway, I will announce the winner and send them the iTunes card through the post (or email them the gift code if they would prefer that). If more than 6 people enter this giveaway, the 5th entry and on will be entered into the following giveaway, so nobody misses out!

When you have entered by signing up and completing and offer under this link, keep note of this page, and you will see if you have won or not!

I look forward to giving away this iTunes gift card, so good luck and feel free to email me at nicknack98@hotmail.co.uk if you have any questions! You can only create one account, if you create more than one, the accounts will be banned.


Nobody yet.

29 April 2012

FreebieJeebies FAQ

In this blog post, I will be answering some of the questions that many people will want to know about FreebieJeebies
Q) How many freebies can I receive from FreebieJeebies?
A) You can receive as many freebies as you want!

Q) How many offers do I have to complete to quality for my free gifts?
A) You will only have to complete one offer, and after you complete one offer, you can receive as many freebies as you want, without having to complete another offer.

Q) Where Do I Sign Up For FreebieJeebies?
A) Click here to sign up to FreebieJeebies.

Q) Does the person I refer have to complete an offer for my referral to go 'green'?
A) Yes, they must complete an offer, and then you will receive your green.

Q) What is a green?
A) A green is when somebody has signed up, and completed an offer under your referral link, enabling you to £20 towards your free gift, or your countries equivalent.

Q) I cannot/do not want to complete an offer. Can I still use FreebieJeebies?
A) Yes, you can still use FreebieJeebies, but in order to get the 'offer completed' status, you will have to trade in 3 greened referrals by sending a support ticket and requesting it.

Q) How much money is one green equivalent to?
A) One green is equivalent to £20 towards your free gift, or £17 though a bank transfer/through PayPal. In other currencies, it is the equivalent to £20 and £17 in whatever currency your country uses.

Q) Am I only limited to the free gifts shown on the site?
A) No, there is a custom order option, so you can get pretty much everything for free!

Q) What countries can FreebieJeebies send free gifts to?
A) FreebieJeebies can send free gifts worldwide, so everyone can have free gifts!

Q) What is a custom order?
A) A custom order is an option that is available for anyone that wants an item that is not in the gifts section. By requesting a custom order, you can order any item from any site that allows a separate billing address and shipping address.

Q) How come FreebieJeebies can afford to pay for my free gift/s?
A) For the answer to this question, read my post titled 'How Can FreebieJeebies Afford To Pay For My Free Gift?'

Q) Can I refer my friends before I complete an offer?
A) Yes. You can complete an offer and refer friends in whatever order you want.

Q) Can I create more than one account?
A) No. Nobody can sign up that is in the same household as you, nor can somebody sign up from the same computer as you/a computer in your house.
Have a question in mind that I haven't answered in this post? Simply email me at nicknack98@hotmail.co.uk asking me what you have to ask and I will reply as soon as I can to your email.
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28 April 2012

How Can FreebieJeebies Afford To Pay For My Free Gift?

Have you ever wondered how FreebieJeebies can manage to pay for your free iPhone, Amazon Vouchers, PS Vita or whatever you want for free, then read on. Now, let's get straight into it!

The reason FreebieJeebies have enough money to pay for your free gift is because of affiliate marketing. When you sign up and complete an offer, the company you signed up to pay £20+ to FreebieJeebies. This is a very small amount for a potential long-term customer! So if you get 5 people to sign up and complete an offer, FreebieJeebies will receive around £130-£150.

They then buy your gift and send it to you and keep the rest and they have some profit!

Here is a graphic example:

Who? How Much Does It Cost Them? What Do They Get
You Nothing A Free Gift
The Company Offering A Free Trial To Their Service They Pay FreebieJeebies For Each Person That Completes An Offer The Number Of People You Refer As Potential Customers
FreebieJeebies The Cost Of Your Free Gift They Keep The Left Over Money After Buying Your Free Gift

Simple! So sign up now and get your shiny new gift!

Written by Jamie - Visit his free gadgets website now!

4 April 2012

EURO 2012 To Be Released As FIFA 12 DLC

Failure or Success? This is a question that many FIFA gamers will be asking, as EA Sports choose to change the way EURO 2012 will be released.

Instead of releasing EURO 2012 as a retail game costing around £40 in stores, they have instead decided to release EURO 2012 as a DLC for FIFA 12.

The DLC pack will be released on the 24th of April (for both PS3 and Xbox) and will cost £15.99 for PS3, or 1800 Microsoft Points for Xbox. Whether it is worth this much, nobody knows, as only short gameplay clips have been released by EA Sports and no long videos showing off what is new in EURO 2012 have been released.

EURO 2012 will add more international teams into FIFA 12, including some not as well known teams like Serbia and Czech Republic, providing an even better experience for FIFA gamers!

The biggest thing that is yet to be known is if EURO 2012 will be a good DLC Add on pack to FIFA 12, and not just another failed attempt to get more money.
For free PSN cards, or free Microsoft points, just visit my other blog post titled How To Get Anything For Free and get EURO 2012 the day it comes out!

9 March 2012

How To Get A Free PS Vita

Before you read this post, if you are interested in the new iPod Touch, make sure to check out my new post on that! - Free iPod Touch

Hello, as you may have seen on this blog so far, I have been advertising the new PS Vita, released in late February by Sony and now, I am going to teach you how to get one for free!

It is very easy to be able to get to the stage where you will be ordering the free PS Vita and later receiving it through the post, free of charge. There are just three simple steps that are very similar to my post explaining How To Get Anything For Free and it is still using the same sites - FreebieJeebies and Kudos, but this tutorial is just more focused on a free ps vita rather than anything else. Also, if you are not interested in a free ps vita and would prefer something else for free, just visit this post.

So, lets begin!

Step One - Sign Up
This step is pretty much self explanatory and all you have to do is sign up to either FreebieJeebies or Kudos and this step is completed.

Step Two - Complete An Offer
In this step, all you have to do is go on to the offers page once you have signed up, and complete one paid or free offer. The offers have complete descriptions so you know what you will have to do to fulfil the offer requirements. There are some fantastic offers to suit your preference including an offer called Lumosity where you can play games to complete your offer!

Step 3 - Tell A Few Friends
This is the final step, and all you have to do is tell your friends how to get free stuff like a free PS Vita using your unique referral link that you will find on the refer friends page once you have signed up. The free PS Vita with wifi and 3G only requires 13 referrals to claim, and the Wifi only model requires only 10 referrals to claim.

This amount of referrals really isn't that much. For example, an average Facebook user would have around 200 friends on Facebook, so if just one person signs up, out of every twenty in your 200 friends sign up, you will already have 10 referrals. That's enough for the free PS Vita Wifi!

There are many more referral methods than just the Facebook method, meaning you could claim more than just a free PS Vita. Who knows, you could get a free iPhone 4S, a free iPad 3, and a ton of free iTunes or amazon vouchers in just one go!

So, why not? Start your freebie journey now! Sign up on FreebieJeebies or on Kudos and you will have your free PS Vita in no time!

3 March 2012

Apple Reaches 25 Billion

After just four years at the job, The Apple app store has finally reached 25 Billion app downloads.

25 Billion apps equates to almost 4 apps per person in the world even if they don't have an iDevice. This is an amazing accomplishment for Apple and they have revealed that if the downloads stay at this current rate, that Apple will get 40 Billion app downloads in the next 12 months.

Apple are also going to give away a huge $10,000 iTunes card to the person that has downloaded the 25 Billionth app. That would definitely be enough to last most people for a lifetime of apps!

Look on this blog or use the link below to see a post showing how to get anything, like an iTunes card for free!

Visit my other blog post titled How To Get Anything For Free and get your free stuff now!

7 February 2012

Free Amazon Vouchers!

Well done to MJ10 from exceem for getting a free £51 pound bank transfer.

Wanna know how he got it? Read my other post titled How To Get Anything For Free and never have to pay for things on amazon again!

6 February 2012

Games Released With The PS Vita

The upcoming PlayStation Vita is due to release in Europe on the 22nd of February, so here is a quick list of games that will be released with the PS Vita on the launch date.

Games released with the PS Vita:

FIFA Football/FIFA Soccer (FIFA PS Vita Version)

Uncharted Golden Abyss (Uncharted PS Vita Version)


Mod Nation Racers Road Trip

Ridge Racer

Metal Gear Acid

Hot Shots Golf

Hustle Kings

Plants vs Zombies

F1 2011

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

There are just some of the games to be released with the PS Vita and it is already clear that there will be a big variety of games to choose from!

As some of these games are exclusive to PlayStationNetwork, it would be worth purchasing a PSN voucher to buy some games with.

Overall, the games look very promising and it looks as if the PS Vita will be a massive addition to the experience of portable gaming!
Want to get the PS Vita and even some PSN vouchers for free? Read my other blog post titled How To Get A Free PS Vita and never need to pay for gadgets ever again!

2 February 2012

How To Get Anything For Free

Hello, as you have seen in the title above, I am going to teach you how to get free gifts, so let's get straight to it!

If your chosen gift is a free PS Vita, simply visit How To Get A Free PS Vita for a post more focused on a free PS Vita. If not, read on!

To get your free gift/s, simply follow this quick guide. This works worldwide, so whether you live in the US, the UK, or even in space, you can get free gifts!

Step 1 - Sign up to FreebieJeebies or Kudos

Step 2 - Complete an offer - Complete just one offer to get unlimited free gadgets of your choice! The offers are very easy to complete (some are free and some are paid) and could also be helpful in the long run for other things. E.g. with one of the offers, you bid for gadgets, and the bidder with the lowest unique bid gets the gadget for the price they paid, and the winning bids are normally under £1!

Step 3 - Get some friends to do the same and even get credit from your friends for telling them how to get something free. This way, you and many of your friends will all have their own free gadget.

Sign Up Now!

Another way to gain referrals (when you invite people in the third step) would be to tell people on Facebook! The average user would have about 200 friends on Facebook, and if you just get 1 person to sign up out of every 20 of your friends, that's 20 referrals and enough for the iPad 3!

It's that simple! After you complete these steps, you will receive your free gift through the post costing you nothing and you don't even have to pay the shipping price!

So, why not? Go ahead and sign up to FreebieJeebies or Kudos now!

25 January 2012

Proof That FreebieJeebies And Kudos Work

Not sure that Freebiejeebies and Kudos are real yet? Goto the I Got My Free Item page on Exceem and check out the latest freebies members have recieved from FreebieJeebies and Kudos! Also, look around my blog for posts that show proof of stuff that people have got for free using FreebieJeebies and Kudos.

Here is a video that shows The Gadget Show proving that freebiejeebies is real!

Lastly, here is a picture showing when FreebieJeebies were mentioned in the ever so popular T3 Magazine!

24 January 2012

PS Vita - Looking At The Features

The brand new PlayStation Vita is out in roughly a month or so. It is going to have a huge demand as it is the latest generation of the PlayStation Portable. Also, coming with a clear 5inch OLED touch screen, the model is almost impossible to refuse. Some features of the new PSP include Wifi, 3G and a touch pad on the back. The 3G will be hosted by Vodafone in the uk and maybe also Vodafone in the rest of Europe. The pricing of the 3G is still yet to be announced but it should be rather cheap and certainly not as expensive as some other devices that have 3G enabled (The iPhone).

It will certainly be a huge competitor with the Nintendo 3DS released a while back!

Many games that are likely to be released around the release date of the Playstation Vita include: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Asphalt Injection, LittleBigPlanet, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Plants VS Zombies and lots more!

Also, talking about games for the PS Vita, Call Of Duty and Battlefield may be released on it - see my post about COD and Battlefield that I posted earlier.

The PS Vita includes Dual Analog Sticks that are similar to the Playstation 3 that would make games like FIFA, Call Of Duty and BattleField a much better experience than the single
flat piece of plastic they had for the older versions of PSPs.

Overall, the upcoming PlayStation Vita really is looking like a very promising piece of tech in the start of 2012 and is definitely going to revolutionise the Portable Gaming Experience in the year ahead for millions of people that get the good idea of investing in the newest tech this year.
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23 January 2012

COD And Battlefield On PlayStation Vita!

Sony are battling for the best portable gaming experience along with other big gaming companies. Along with PS Vita's february release, there may be a Call Of Duty and BattleField game following that! I doubt the games would be MW3 and BF3, but they may be new games of the series made exclusively for the PS Vita. 2012 is going to be a huge year for portable gaming!

Want the new PS Vita on release for free? Wanna know how?
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21 January 2012

How To Get A Free Xbox Slim

Here is how to get a free Xbox slim. Although in the video it says to download a guide, you will not have to. Instead, just follow this link.

This will show you how to get a free Xbox, with no hassle and it is quick and easy to do! Don't pay for your gaming consoles ever again and change your life forever! So why not? Go ahead!

Also, visit this post to see my version of the guide to getting an Xbox slim for free!

19 January 2012

PS Vita News

PS Vita to be released in Europe on the 22nd of february in both Wifi and Wifi and 3G models. In Japan, it had already been released around Christmas.
Want to get the PS Vita on release and not have to pay for either the shipping or the gadget? Check out my other post titled How To Get A Free PS Vita and never have to pay for a gadget ever again!