4 April 2012

EURO 2012 To Be Released As FIFA 12 DLC

Failure or Success? This is a question that many FIFA gamers will be asking, as EA Sports choose to change the way EURO 2012 will be released.

Instead of releasing EURO 2012 as a retail game costing around £40 in stores, they have instead decided to release EURO 2012 as a DLC for FIFA 12.

The DLC pack will be released on the 24th of April (for both PS3 and Xbox) and will cost £15.99 for PS3, or 1800 Microsoft Points for Xbox. Whether it is worth this much, nobody knows, as only short gameplay clips have been released by EA Sports and no long videos showing off what is new in EURO 2012 have been released.

EURO 2012 will add more international teams into FIFA 12, including some not as well known teams like Serbia and Czech Republic, providing an even better experience for FIFA gamers!

The biggest thing that is yet to be known is if EURO 2012 will be a good DLC Add on pack to FIFA 12, and not just another failed attempt to get more money.
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