28 April 2012

How Can FreebieJeebies Afford To Pay For My Free Gift?

Have you ever wondered how FreebieJeebies can manage to pay for your free iPhone, Amazon Vouchers, PS Vita or whatever you want for free, then read on. Now, let's get straight into it!

The reason FreebieJeebies have enough money to pay for your free gift is because of affiliate marketing. When you sign up and complete an offer, the company you signed up to pay £20+ to FreebieJeebies. This is a very small amount for a potential long-term customer! So if you get 5 people to sign up and complete an offer, FreebieJeebies will receive around £130-£150.

They then buy your gift and send it to you and keep the rest and they have some profit!

Here is a graphic example:

Who? How Much Does It Cost Them? What Do They Get
You Nothing A Free Gift
The Company Offering A Free Trial To Their Service They Pay FreebieJeebies For Each Person That Completes An Offer The Number Of People You Refer As Potential Customers
FreebieJeebies The Cost Of Your Free Gift They Keep The Left Over Money After Buying Your Free Gift

Simple! So sign up now and get your shiny new gift!

Written by Jamie - Visit his free gadgets website now!

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