29 April 2012

FreebieJeebies FAQ

In this blog post, I will be answering some of the questions that many people will want to know about FreebieJeebies
Q) How many freebies can I receive from FreebieJeebies?
A) You can receive as many freebies as you want!

Q) How many offers do I have to complete to quality for my free gifts?
A) You will only have to complete one offer, and after you complete one offer, you can receive as many freebies as you want, without having to complete another offer.

Q) Where Do I Sign Up For FreebieJeebies?
A) Click here to sign up to FreebieJeebies.

Q) Does the person I refer have to complete an offer for my referral to go 'green'?
A) Yes, they must complete an offer, and then you will receive your green.

Q) What is a green?
A) A green is when somebody has signed up, and completed an offer under your referral link, enabling you to £20 towards your free gift, or your countries equivalent.

Q) I cannot/do not want to complete an offer. Can I still use FreebieJeebies?
A) Yes, you can still use FreebieJeebies, but in order to get the 'offer completed' status, you will have to trade in 3 greened referrals by sending a support ticket and requesting it.

Q) How much money is one green equivalent to?
A) One green is equivalent to £20 towards your free gift, or £17 though a bank transfer/through PayPal. In other currencies, it is the equivalent to £20 and £17 in whatever currency your country uses.

Q) Am I only limited to the free gifts shown on the site?
A) No, there is a custom order option, so you can get pretty much everything for free!

Q) What countries can FreebieJeebies send free gifts to?
A) FreebieJeebies can send free gifts worldwide, so everyone can have free gifts!

Q) What is a custom order?
A) A custom order is an option that is available for anyone that wants an item that is not in the gifts section. By requesting a custom order, you can order any item from any site that allows a separate billing address and shipping address.

Q) How come FreebieJeebies can afford to pay for my free gift/s?
A) For the answer to this question, read my post titled 'How Can FreebieJeebies Afford To Pay For My Free Gift?'

Q) Can I refer my friends before I complete an offer?
A) Yes. You can complete an offer and refer friends in whatever order you want.

Q) Can I create more than one account?
A) No. Nobody can sign up that is in the same household as you, nor can somebody sign up from the same computer as you/a computer in your house.
Have a question in mind that I haven't answered in this post? Simply email me at nicknack98@hotmail.co.uk asking me what you have to ask and I will reply as soon as I can to your email.
Now that you know a lot about FreebieJeebies, find out how to get your free gift by clicking this link.

28 April 2012

How Can FreebieJeebies Afford To Pay For My Free Gift?

Have you ever wondered how FreebieJeebies can manage to pay for your free iPhone, Amazon Vouchers, PS Vita or whatever you want for free, then read on. Now, let's get straight into it!

The reason FreebieJeebies have enough money to pay for your free gift is because of affiliate marketing. When you sign up and complete an offer, the company you signed up to pay £20+ to FreebieJeebies. This is a very small amount for a potential long-term customer! So if you get 5 people to sign up and complete an offer, FreebieJeebies will receive around £130-£150.

They then buy your gift and send it to you and keep the rest and they have some profit!

Here is a graphic example:

Who? How Much Does It Cost Them? What Do They Get
You Nothing A Free Gift
The Company Offering A Free Trial To Their Service They Pay FreebieJeebies For Each Person That Completes An Offer The Number Of People You Refer As Potential Customers
FreebieJeebies The Cost Of Your Free Gift They Keep The Left Over Money After Buying Your Free Gift

Simple! So sign up now and get your shiny new gift!

Written by Jamie - Visit his free gadgets website now!

4 April 2012

EURO 2012 To Be Released As FIFA 12 DLC

Failure or Success? This is a question that many FIFA gamers will be asking, as EA Sports choose to change the way EURO 2012 will be released.

Instead of releasing EURO 2012 as a retail game costing around £40 in stores, they have instead decided to release EURO 2012 as a DLC for FIFA 12.

The DLC pack will be released on the 24th of April (for both PS3 and Xbox) and will cost £15.99 for PS3, or 1800 Microsoft Points for Xbox. Whether it is worth this much, nobody knows, as only short gameplay clips have been released by EA Sports and no long videos showing off what is new in EURO 2012 have been released.

EURO 2012 will add more international teams into FIFA 12, including some not as well known teams like Serbia and Czech Republic, providing an even better experience for FIFA gamers!

The biggest thing that is yet to be known is if EURO 2012 will be a good DLC Add on pack to FIFA 12, and not just another failed attempt to get more money.
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