14 July 2012

Amazing New Offer - Go Green Now!

Have you ever tried your luck in the lottery? Well now with the massive addition of the Big Fat Lottos (also known as Euromillions) offer to FreebieJeebies, you can get one step closer to your free gift, and also enter for a chance to win a truck load (probably more) of money!

To ensure approval on this offer, all you need to do is sign up to Big Fat Lottos through FreebieJeebies, and purchase at least one lotto ticket. If you followed the steps correctly in the offer description (on site), your offer should be approved within 48 hours! To make this offer even better, all you need to do is spend one pound! That means you can get your free gadget worth £100 (or more) for just £1!

You only need to complete one offer on FreebieJeebies, and then you can get unlimited gifts without having to complete another offer!

After your offer is approved, all you need to do is get some of your friends to sign up and complete an offer (this offer if they want!), and you can start unboxing your shiny new gadgets!

So go ahead, make sure you read the offer description on FreebieJeebies to ensure your offer is approved, and that your freebie hunt has started!

Click the door below to enter gadget heaven!