9 March 2012

How To Get A Free PS Vita

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Hello, as you may have seen on this blog so far, I have been advertising the new PS Vita, released in late February by Sony and now, I am going to teach you how to get one for free!

It is very easy to be able to get to the stage where you will be ordering the free PS Vita and later receiving it through the post, free of charge. There are just three simple steps that are very similar to my post explaining How To Get Anything For Free and it is still using the same sites - FreebieJeebies and Kudos, but this tutorial is just more focused on a free ps vita rather than anything else. Also, if you are not interested in a free ps vita and would prefer something else for free, just visit this post.

So, lets begin!

Step One - Sign Up
This step is pretty much self explanatory and all you have to do is sign up to either FreebieJeebies or Kudos and this step is completed.

Step Two - Complete An Offer
In this step, all you have to do is go on to the offers page once you have signed up, and complete one paid or free offer. The offers have complete descriptions so you know what you will have to do to fulfil the offer requirements. There are some fantastic offers to suit your preference including an offer called Lumosity where you can play games to complete your offer!

Step 3 - Tell A Few Friends
This is the final step, and all you have to do is tell your friends how to get free stuff like a free PS Vita using your unique referral link that you will find on the refer friends page once you have signed up. The free PS Vita with wifi and 3G only requires 13 referrals to claim, and the Wifi only model requires only 10 referrals to claim.

This amount of referrals really isn't that much. For example, an average Facebook user would have around 200 friends on Facebook, so if just one person signs up, out of every twenty in your 200 friends sign up, you will already have 10 referrals. That's enough for the free PS Vita Wifi!

There are many more referral methods than just the Facebook method, meaning you could claim more than just a free PS Vita. Who knows, you could get a free iPhone 4S, a free iPad 3, and a ton of free iTunes or amazon vouchers in just one go!

So, why not? Start your freebie journey now! Sign up on FreebieJeebies or on Kudos and you will have your free PS Vita in no time!

3 March 2012

Apple Reaches 25 Billion

After just four years at the job, The Apple app store has finally reached 25 Billion app downloads.

25 Billion apps equates to almost 4 apps per person in the world even if they don't have an iDevice. This is an amazing accomplishment for Apple and they have revealed that if the downloads stay at this current rate, that Apple will get 40 Billion app downloads in the next 12 months.

Apple are also going to give away a huge $10,000 iTunes card to the person that has downloaded the 25 Billionth app. That would definitely be enough to last most people for a lifetime of apps!

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