11 September 2012

How to get a free iPhone 5

Many people think that the cost of smartphones nowadays mean when they see an advert telling them "How to get a free iPhone 5" they dismiss it almost immediately and pass it off as a scam.

You are still here reading this so you are obviously interested to see if this is a real deal, well, simply put, yes it is. You really can get an iPhone 5 free of charge delivered to your front door - without any postage costs!

There are networks that gather together a number of trial offers and get paid when someone completed these offers - the money is then handed back to the end-user (you) either as cash or as a free gift. These networks are referred to as incentive networks and use referral marketing to get more users involved.

So how exactly does this work?
You sign up to one of these networks through an existing referral link or directly at their homepage and get presented with a number of trial offers that are available to you. You will select an offer that interests you and sign up to the company involved with the possibility of going on to be a full time paying customer if you are happy with that service (but remember it is just a trial initially). Once you have completed your offer, listen out to your friends to see if they are also wondering how to get a free iPhone 5 - tell them what you are doing and get them to sign up through your unique referral link. For each person you get to sign up through your link and complete an offer, you earn approx £20 towards your free iPhone (or £17 cash value for PayPal/bank transfers).

Promote your referral link through a website, on facebook, business cards etc - the more people you get signing up and completing offers, they quicker you get your free gift.

Two of the best incentive networks to look out for are FreebieJeebies, and Kudos

Click here to sign up to FreebieJeebies!
Click here to sign up to KudosNetwork!

So next time you here of someone wondering how to get a free iPhone 5, you'll be there to tell them how to!

Written by Martin Evans. Visit his website and find out how you can get free rewards!

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