21 September 2012

iPod Touch 5 Now Available For Free!

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As you may know, Apple recently announced their new iPhone 5 to the world of tech in their WWDC event. Although the iPhone was in the spotlight, Apple also announced a new iPod Touch! Here are the newest features

A5 Processor!
The iPod Touch 5G will include the same processing power as the iPhone 4S, with the addition of the A5 processor.

You can't be Siri-ous!
Siri will be added to the iPod Touch 5G and the iPad 3 with more improvements, just to add to the fun!

Bigger Screen!
The screen will be taller, resulting in a 4 inch display meaning you can now watch YouTube videos and even the latest movies in 16:9 aspect ratio, eliminating the black borders around the outside of the video!

Improved camera for improved photos!
The back facing camera will be upgraded to a fantastic 5 megapixels! Next to the back facing camera, there is an LED flash that you can use to take better pictures in the dark! The iSight camera boasts of 1080p HD video recording, and even the front facing camera gets a boost for better quality FaceTime calls.
Yet another feature added to the camera is the new panorama setting. You can now take a huge 28mb panorama to capture that beautiful sunset, or those astounding blossoming trees!

iOS 6!
iOS 6 is now out , meaning the iTouch will be packed with all the new features in iOS 6, like Facebook integration, or the new AppStore layout!

'What are EarPods?' I hear you say. For all models, the new Apple earphones known as EarPods will come in the same box as your shiny new iPod! These account for a more comfortable fit, and better audio quality!

A smaller charging port
Whether this is a good or bad feature is still yet to be known. The older charging port has been decreased in size. This has allowed the iPod to become even thinner than before, and even lighter!

All of these great new features just add to the reason to buy what might be the greatest gadget of 2012.
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  1. i am not able to sign up....
    please help,
    the link link is blocked by blockscript.com

    1. Unfortunately, FreebieJeebies block the Philippines and India due to the users from this country not using FreebieJeebies in the correct way. Maybe try using ­KudosNetwork I think they support India and the Philippines and it is almost exactly the same concept as FreebieJeebies!