24 January 2012

PS Vita - Looking At The Features

The brand new PlayStation Vita is out in roughly a month or so. It is going to have a huge demand as it is the latest generation of the PlayStation Portable. Also, coming with a clear 5inch OLED touch screen, the model is almost impossible to refuse. Some features of the new PSP include Wifi, 3G and a touch pad on the back. The 3G will be hosted by Vodafone in the uk and maybe also Vodafone in the rest of Europe. The pricing of the 3G is still yet to be announced but it should be rather cheap and certainly not as expensive as some other devices that have 3G enabled (The iPhone).

It will certainly be a huge competitor with the Nintendo 3DS released a while back!

Many games that are likely to be released around the release date of the Playstation Vita include: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Asphalt Injection, LittleBigPlanet, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Plants VS Zombies and lots more!

Also, talking about games for the PS Vita, Call Of Duty and Battlefield may be released on it - see my post about COD and Battlefield that I posted earlier.

The PS Vita includes Dual Analog Sticks that are similar to the Playstation 3 that would make games like FIFA, Call Of Duty and BattleField a much better experience than the single
flat piece of plastic they had for the older versions of PSPs.

Overall, the upcoming PlayStation Vita really is looking like a very promising piece of tech in the start of 2012 and is definitely going to revolutionise the Portable Gaming Experience in the year ahead for millions of people that get the good idea of investing in the newest tech this year.
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